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Training course

The training course organized by MUN ITALIA is recognized as one of the best at the international level for its quality and the preparation of its participants.

The objective of the training course is twofold. First, the aim is to provide participants with the necessary tools to deal with Simulation in the best possible way. Moreover, MUN ITALIA trains the main soft skills of the participants, amining to boost personal growth, necessary in view of one’s academic and working career.


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The soft skills that the MUN-ITALIA strengthens are:

Public Speaking

Intended as the ability to give formal and informal speeches in a working group or in front of an audience, both in Italian and English


Intended as the ability to reach an objective through confrontation, and the search for consensus between the parties

Team Working

Intended as the ability to find one’s role in a work group, valuing collective productivity over individual productivity

Research Methods

Intended as the ability to undestood and to conduct research and analysis, which are expendable skills in the academic and working world.

Time Management

Intended as the management of time as an opportunity rather than an obstacle


Meaning the ability to lead a group, and become a role model and driving force in different contexts

Problem solving

Intended as the ability to identify, analyze, and overcome a difficulty in order to achieve a goal

Writing Techniques

Intended as the ability to producing texts, such as essays, papers, and official documents, which are expendable skills in the academic and working world.

Learning with the full-immersion teaching methodologies

The teaching methodologies exploit the benefit of  innovative models that allow the acquisition of fundamental tools for the development of the participant’s skills. 

The course goes beyond the standard frontal teaching, and through an interactive experience  allows  participants to be fully involved in the role game, resulting in effective and practical learning.

We offer a 40-hour training course divided into 25 hours of course, and 15 hours of simulation. 

In particular, the course has i 8 modules:

Introduction to the United Nations

International Relations and Geopolitics

International Law and Resolution​

Public Speaking & Negotiation

Research Methods

Country policy

Rules of the Game


At the end of the experience the individual certificates necessary for the recognition of training hours for PCTO for high schools will be issued, alike university credits, in compliance with the policies of each university.